Level Cap Expansion

The fight to protect the Kingdom of Rendel is even tougher with new epic boss monsters to slay. Only experienced RaiderZ veterans should dare venture past the Grand Wall of Silence. With a new level cap of 40, warriors can gather the necessary strength to fight and protect themselves from dangers ahead.

New Map - Cowen Marsh

Cowen Marsh was once a beautiful, lush, and vibrant region full of life. However, recent contamination has turned this area into a toxic wasteland seeping throughout and into the sacred Temple of Renas. Rendel Knights were dispatched to investigate the cause and eliminate it. However, none have returned - will you succeed?

New Epic Bosses

Cowen Marsh's toxins have mutated and defiled the once beautiful creatures of the region. As a result, some beasts have gained elemental powers while others hideously mutated their bodies to gain new abilities. Be wary! These creatures are stronger than they appear. Wise adventurers know to hunt together or die alone.

New Armors and Weapons

Cowen Marsh yields new and undiscovered treasure from fallen warriors and enemies! With new armors to equip and weapons to wield, hunters will be ready for vile beasts ahead. Set forth on your adventure and reap the rewards in this new zone!

Wave System

The Grand Wall of Silence has been broken! Waves upon waves of beasts are invading Rendel threatening its safety and it's up to you to stop them. With the new Wave System, you can protect Riode and Rietz from harm by fending off waves of enemies. Be careful though! The monsters are more intelligent than they appear and will travel multiple paths to avoid detection - hunt carefully!

Party Matching System

Every quest is dangerous and potentially deadly - hunt together! With the Party Matching System, players can team up with adventurers with similar combat experience and go on the hunt together in the Kingdom of Rendel. The beasts don't stand a chance against your party!

Battle Arena

Fight for glory! Prove your strength against other combatants in the new Battle Arena at Rietz. Test your skills against the strongest warriors in the Kingdom of Rendel to earn Battle Arena points and new costumes through PvP. Many will step up the challenge, very few can claim themselves as victors - will it be you?

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