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By Pinpointerror @ November 14, 2013 at 7:59am

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Adventurers, the Assassin is coming to RaiderZ later today with our new update! To get you ready for the challenges ahead, we wanted to show you just some of the new items coming to the Cash Shop. Prepare for battle with new costumes, weapon skins to change the look and feel of your weapon, and new mounts to ride on. All of these items will be available in the RaiderZ Cash and Crystal Shop along with new Convenience and Quest items to aid you in your quest for greatness!


How do you access the Cash Shop and the Crystal Shop in game?


Press Escape (Esc) and you'll see the Cash Shop option available on top of your game screen.


New items available in the Cash and Crystal Shop:

Sapphire Angel Wing

Veteran Assassin Fashion Set

Halloween Costume

New Costume Helmets

Rebel's Weapons Skins

Yillis' Waterball Mount

Halloween Pumpkin Mount

New Obsidian Jewels

New Pastel Dyes in the Crystal Shop


Check out these new items in action:

Veteran Assassin Fashion Set


New Pastel Dyes for Costumes


Yillis' Waterball Mount


Halloween Pumpkin Mount


Costume Helmets featuring popular bosses!


Who's excited to play as an Assassin? And, which costume or mount do you want the most? Let us know on the official RaiderZ forums.


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