Black Friday Sale with New Items!

By Pinpointerror @ November 20, 2012 at 10:28am

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RaiderZ is officially live on November 20, 2012! And to celebrate, we are introducing new items into the Cash Shop to aid you on your journey for greatness. We've added items to allow you to progress quicker along with other convenient and useful items. So what's the latest and greatest items on sale?


Item or Bundles Item Sale Period
Bundles Multiple bundles on sale (up to 40% off!)
November 20, 2012 to November 28, 2012
Item New items for sale

Item White Arrod Mount
November 20, 202 to December 5, 2012
Item Swimsuit Costume
November 20, 2012 to December 5, 2012


During our week-long Black Friday sale, we have specials on items and bundles to help you enchant and level to become the strongest warrior in the Kingdom of Rendel. This sale begins on November 20, 2012 and ends on November 28, 2012. You can find these items by accessing our Cash Shop menu in game.


While in game, press Esc (Escape) and select the Cash Shop button.


The White Arrod: majestic, elusive, and beautiful.

The White Arrod Lucky Box



You have a chance to receive one of the following items every time you open a White Arrod Lucky Box!


White Arrod Box (Can be traded. Once opened, it cannot be traded)
Special Sewer Salad Feast
Special Riode Meat Feast
Special Grand Wall Goulash Feast
Special Makot Gumbo Feast
EXP Potion
Artisan's Breath
Pink Beycium


The Swimsuit Costume: stunning and guaranteed to turn heads in game.

The Swimsuit Lucky Box


You have a chance to receive one of the following items every time you open a Swimsuit Lucky Box!


Swimsuit Box
(The Box contains all five costume pieces. The Box can be traded but once opened, it cannot be traded)
Special Hero's Soup Feast
Special Mt. Eda Food Stew
Special Teress Meat Feast
Special Rengot Salad Feast
EXP Potion
Blessing of Renas
Pink Beycium


New Items: EXP Potion and Scroll of Heroes

EXP Potion: Helping you progress through the game much faster.


Scroll of Heroes: Be the envy of all players with this special buff that lasts 30 days!


New Bundles and Bundle Sales: Buy 2, get 1 free and more on sale!


Buy two, get one free: Blessing of Renas or Artisan's Breath!


Bundles on sale: Blessing of Renas x (10+1 free), Blessing of Renas x (30+4 free), Blessing of Renas x (50+10 free)


Bundles on sale: Guardian's Life Stone x (10+1 free), Guardian's Life Stone x (30+4 free)


Bundles on sale: Artisan's Breath x (10+1 free), Artisan's Breath x (30+4 free), Artisan's Breath x (50+10 free)


Bundles on sale: EXP Potion x (10+1 free)


Enjoy the spectacular savings on the best in-game items. Don't wait any longer or the deals will disappear! Use these items well, adventurer, on your way to achieve greatness in the world of RaiderZ, the action-packed monster-hunting MMORPG! We'll see in game. And remember, hunt together or die alone. Happy hunting!


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