Broken Silence – New RaiderZ Update

By Pinpointerror @ February 1, 2013 at 3:18pm

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See the new Broken Silence teaser page


Broken Silence, the new content update, is coming to RaiderZ! The Grand Wall of Silence has broken and vile beasts are invading the Kingdom of Rendel and its citizens need your help. Soon, you can explore new areas and dungeons and fight back the invading monsters.


What is in the update?

  • Increased level cap of 40
  • New zone and areas to explore
  • New dungeons to conquer
  • Updated PvP battle arena system
  • New epic boss monsters to conquer piece-by-piece
  • New items and equipments to craft and show off
  • And more!


New dungeons to conquer in RaiderZ


Face new and deadly beasts


Deformed and vile beasts plague the new zone in RaiderZ


Prove your might against the best in RaiderZ


Watch the exciting Broken Silence trailer:


Stay tuned as we highlight upcoming content to get you ready to hunt together or die alone!


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