Find love in RaiderZ this new year!

By Pinpointerror @ February 6, 2013 at 5:58pm

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Love is in the air in the Kingdom of Rendel. Find your love, and monster-slaying partner, with our in-game Valentine's Day event! While you're in Ingen and Rietz, try to resist the urge of endless chocolate flowing at the town's fountains – we need you in tip-top shape in RaiderZ! However, we think it's okay if you try a little chocolate; press E while you're in the fountain for a surprise. While in Ingen, talk to Lero for a quest to reunite with his long-lost love, Pero.


Chocolate and sweets are plenty in RaiderZ!


We're also introducing a brand-new, and very sweet, mount just in time for the special event. Cupid's arrows pale in comparison to what you can do while riding on this special mount! Grab one today or give it to your in-game love before it melts away!


Find your love today with the newest mount.


But, that's not all! We're also celebrating the Lunar New Year in game. Boss monsters will drop Lunar New Year Gift Boxes that will grant you items including Beycium and materials to craft your own temporary New Year Costume! Also, monsters will drop Yut Game Sets. Try your luck today and see an increased drop rate for a short period of time!


Try your luck with Yut Sticks for a boost in drop rate!


The events will end on Februrary 27, 2013. We'll see you in RaiderZ during these events. Not registered? Click here to register for RaiderZ. The best part: it's free to play!


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