RaiderZ – 04/17/13 Patch Notes

By Pinpointerror @ April 17, 2013 at 3:03pm

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RaiderZ: Mt. Eda Faction event redesign:

·         Only affects the rewards given for the faction event (Kill/Protect the faction's priest)

·         The reward for winning will now be 5 Soul Stones of the Defeated

·         All previous event rewards in the character's Inventory and Inn Room Storage will be replaced

o   Previous Reward Items

§  Mad Eye Hero's Token

§  White Yeti Hero's Token

§  Symbol of Mercenary

·         The above items will be replaced with an equal number of Soul Stones of the Defeated

o   The replacement items will be sent through the mail

o   Players will get one piece of mail for each stack of the removed items

·         No NPCs will require the replaced items for any crafting

·         There will be no change for the Epic Mt. Eda faction event rewards


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