RaiderZ Patch Notes – 06/05/13

By Pinpointerror @ June 5, 2013 at 3:00pm

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RaiderZ version 38531 Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • False stacking of bonuses from Obsidians when unequipping/equipping costumes.
  • Korean text removed from the Makot Liberation War quest.
  • Fixed wall collision issue near Butcher's Apprentice Jay in Rietz.
  • Antique Leather Armor set graphics fixed for female characters.
  • Mad Red Eye Tribe Gift Box and Frostywind Yeti Tribe Gift Box no longer drop daggers.
    • Replaced existing daggers from those boxes with a faction-appropriate Gift Box.
    • Changed text on button in merchant UI when selling Scrap items.
  • Cleric "Uplift" description corrected.
  • Lost Hellhound Wooden Box – You will no longer receive an error message that sometimes appeared when opening a box.
  • Various localization edits.

Cash Shop UpdateMore details are here

  • Added Artisan's Breath Lucky Box x 1/5/(10 + 1)
    • Artisan's Breath,
    • Intermediate Artisan's Breath,
    • Superior Artisan's Breath,
    • Crystals, OR
    • Pink Beycium
  • Reordered items

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