RaiderZ Patch Notes – 06/26/2013

By Pinpointerror @ June 26, 2013 at 3:06pm

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RaiderZ Patch Notes – 06/26/2013

Cash Shop

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed invisible weapon glitch
  • Fixed collision glitches that allowed players to pass through walls in Catacomb of the Damned, Brune's Glory, Battle Arena, Grand Wall of Silence, and other locations
  • Logging out and back in an instance will now put you just outside the entrance of the instance instead of the entrance to the world map
  • Dyes now appear correctly on the following Costume items
    • Termis Leather  Ornament
    • Durable Tranta's Chain Helm
    • Durable Tranta's Chain Shoes
    • Swift Tranta's Chain Helm
    • Swift Tranta's Chain Shoes
    • Transcendent Tranta's Chain Helm
    • Transcendent Tranta's Chain Shoes
  • Incorrect recipe will no longer drop from Jonny Brown's Sealed Chest
  • Debuffs from Julijuli and Chimera now have proper text
  • Login Server error no longer appears as a "Maintenance" error at login
  • Level 29 Rare armor sets now specify the amount Movement Speed is increased
  • Level 36 Rare Weapons renamed
  • Premium Teleporter in Rietz has the correct level requirement for the Grand Wall of Silence
  • Changed field name for the Cave Rescue Mission instance in the Cave of Nightmares

New Features

  • New UI when opening chance packs allows you to see possible outcomes

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