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By Pinpointerror @ August 13, 2013 at 9:59am

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We’ve got some updates for you regarding the current state of RaiderZ, and more importantly, the exciting changes that are coming. Ever since the Grand Wall of Silence collapsed, the monster invasion has been fiercer than ever. Our Broken Silence update introduced you to Cowen Marsh and new bosses like the deadly Cyndea, the fearsome Ronin, and the Temple of Renas dungeon. We also introduced new loot including weapons, armors, and crafting recipes.


But, that’s not all! The Kingdom of Rendel is never fully safe from the threat of new monsters lurking and waiting to strike. While we can’t fully reveal which new beasts you will face quite yet, we can say that we are working to continuously keep the game fresh and the hunt thrilling! From what we’ve seen so far, we can safely say that your skills and mettle will be tested more than ever in upcoming zones and dungeons. Oh, did we mention loot? The hunt becomes even more difficult but more rewarding with new items and recipes to learn. And, we’ll be introducing new classes with new skills and tactics for you to master.


In the meantime, if you are looking for rest and respite, don’t miss out on the fun in-game events we’re holding. You never know when you could walk away with Beyciums, Dyes, costumes, or more just by playing. Our GMs are keeping players busy with fun hide-and-seek events and boss spawn events in addition to giveaways on forums and social channels. Stay connected with RaiderZ to hear about opportunities to win both in-game and real loot!


The Kingdom of Rendel is busier and livelier than ever! Broken Mast welcomes numerous new hunters every day and seasoned monster-slayers are looking deep into the Cave of Nightmares and Temple of Renas to unveil new dark secrets. Also, we can’t turn a corner without hearing a Moa’s footsteps or a Lycian’s tail rustling. And just when you think it’s peaceful at Ingen fountain, you will catch two warriors battling to prove who the best is once and for all. Sharpen your blades, hone your skills, and gather up your party because the fight’s just beginning in RaiderZ.


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