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By Pinpointerror @ October 18, 2013 at 2:00pm

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The Assassin is an agile, silent, and fierce hunter in the Kingdom of Rendel. Lurking in the shadows, the Assassin only strikes at the most opportune moment to ensure a killing strike. Legendary tales have been told of cunning Assassins taking down hordes of gigantic beasts of RaiderZ unscathed. It's unknown how truly powerful these hunters are. It will be up to you to unlock the Assassin's true potential.


To get you familiar with the Assassin, we'll reveal just some of their most potent offensive and buff skills. Combined with other powerful Assassin skills and skills from other combat styles, the Assassin will be an unstoppable force in RaiderZ.


RaiderZ – Assassin skill tree


Assassin Offensive Skills


Shadow Walk – Instantly moves forward.

Darkness Veil – Become hidden from sight.

Blade Dance – Leap forward to attack all enemies in the Assassin's path with a spinning attack.

Chaos Stinger – Targeted enemies gain a Chaos Stinger effect that restores the attacker's Stamina and Energy with each additional attack.

Fatal Stab – This skill stuns your target. You deal 50% additional damage if attacking from behind your target.

Shadow Step – Instantly remove all crowd control effects and ambushes enemy from the air knocking down an enemy.


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Assassin Buff Skills


Assassin's Elixir: Tranquilizer – Restores Stamina and health for 5 seconds.

Assassin's Elixir: Adrenaline – Increase attack speed and movement speed for 10 seconds.

Assassin's Elixir: Fortification – Decrease damage taken and duration of crowd control effects for 10 seconds.


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We'll be revealing more information about the new Assassin update in upcoming blogs so check back on the RaiderZ homepage! Are you excited to play as an Assassin? Let us know on the official RaiderZ forums.


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