Arcgames.com and New Client Beta

By Pinpointerror @ January 8, 2014 at 2:24pm

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We’re pleased to announce that the new Arc website and client are now in Public Beta!


It’s a very exciting moment for us – we’ve been working on the site for the past several months and this will be our first opportunity to share it with everyone. 


What types of things can be checked out during the beta?


Almost everything! The game pages, news, media sections, and blogs are all 100% usable. You can also check out and purchase packs for games that currently have them available. 


We’re looking forward to seeing your feedback on these updates – check out the instructions below for all the details!



Getting Started

You can check out the new website here: www.arcgames.com

You can download the beta Arc client* here:



*Note: Even though a new Arc client is available for download, all Game Launchers will remain in their current form during the beta.

Installation instructions

For current Arc client users, please follow the instructions below to ensure you are upgraded properly:


1. Quit your current Arc application session (if it’s still running)
2. Launch the Arc Games installer
3. Select the “Upgrade” option within InstallShield


4. Select “Next
5. Select “Finish
6. Installation is complete – Arc Beta is now installed!




The website beta is available on any device, and has been upgraded to be mobile-friendly. You can access the provided URL from any browser on any device, and the site will automatically display in the correct format. Let us know how it works for you!


Remember that one of the benefits of the new infrastructure is that content is the same, regardless of how you are accessing it. So, whether you’re checking out the news on your mobile device, desktop browser, or Arc client, you’ll have access to the same information.



New and Updated Website Features


Check out this table for a handy reference of new and interesting things to check out:



On the Website or Mobile Device

In the Arc Client


Navigate to to your game of choice, then click on “News” on the right side of the screen.

Click on the game of your choice, and the news will populate automatically!


The new Arc technology allows each game to have a “Game Guides” section, which includes helpful links and resources. 

Click on the game of your choice, then click the Guides button.


Navigate to to your game of choice, then click on “News” on the right side of the screen. From there, click on “Media” at the top of the screen.

Click on the game of your choice, then click the Media button.


Not available during Beta.

Click the <> button in the Beta Arc Client.





Game Codes 


The existing code systems for each game will continue to exist through this beta, though we will also be testing our new, unified code system during the beta.


During the initial phase of the beta, it will only be only possible to redeem these new codes via the Client by clicking the "Redeem Key" button:




We hope to release website-side redemption in the near future.


What functionality will not be present during the beta?


The beta is only available in English and Portuguese. While the future goal of Arcgames.com will be to support all languages, the beta will only cover these two. 


In regards to purchases, it is possible to purchase Game Packs via the beta website, but purchasing Zen is not (yet!) possible.



What type of content is hosted on the the Arcgames.com beta site?

All of the content that you see on the Arcgames.com website is real – the screenshots, game pages, and blogs all represent real games and real content for those games. However, the content is only there as an example and is not guaranteed to to be up to date. Once Arcgames.com replaces the legacy sites, we will be doing a mass update and import to bring everything up to speed. During the beta, we still recommend checking the existing game websites and launchers to find out the latest news for the games you follow.



Will there be incentives for trying out the new website and client?

We definitely promised some incentives a while back, and we haven’t forgotten! We’re currently working out the details, and our hope is to have special prizes for everyone who uses Arc very soon. Our goal is to have unique items for every game hosted on our platform.



Known Issues

We’re still putting the final touches on the new tech, so please keep in mind that the occasional issue may occur. Here are a few items that we are currently working to resolve:


  • Not all content will be up to date; new Blogs that go live during beta will not be posted on the Arcgames.com website until the beta concludes
  • The Media Galleries occasionally leave blank space between items
  • Occasionally, the Video section may load an unrelated video before loading the correct items. This issue should resolve itself automatically if it occurs.
  • Mobile formats have been tested on a wide array of devices, though it’s possible that some mobile devices may have unique issues. Please report any mobile display issues to us. It always helps to include the name/model of your device, and whether or not you are using a custom browser.


What is the goal of this Beta?

When we first announced the new website and client, many of our players expressed concerns over a sudden migration to completely new technology. Since this is a very large user experience across the board, we felt that it would be more comfortable to let everyone try it all out and give feedback before it takes the place of our legacy infrastructure. Our primary goal for this beta will be to integrate improvements based on player feedback, and allow our players the chance to test out the new site before it goes live.



How can I send feedback?

Arc has built-in functionality for reporting bugs and feedback. Simply click on the Send Feedback button in the Arc beta client, and you’ll be able to send a report directly to the team. Alternatively, you can send us an email at feedback@arcgames.com.



We’re very excited to check out your feedback!




Dezstravus and the Arc Team


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Arc Development Update 2

By Pinpointerror @ November 13, 2013 at 3:29pm

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Hey Everyone,


I hope that you enjoyed our previous blog about the current development status of the Arc platform. In this edition, we’ve got many more updates to share, along with some specifics regarding what things will be changing on our current website.


I’ll cover each of the updates separately, doing my best to explain the details of each one. If you’ve got any questions about any of these upcoming changes, please feel free to let us know on any of our game forums, Facebook pages ,or Twitter accounts! We’re always happy to answer anything we can.



We’re Looking at Launching a New Version of Our Website Infrastructure Before the End of the Year


We’re currently on track for a concurrently launch of the new Arcgames.com Website Network before the end of the year.


This article covers all the specific changes that are targeted for this tentative date. Read on for all the details!


Note: For this release, all game launchers will continue to exist in their current form.


New Website Network: Arcgames.com


The most important change that is coming is a major design overhaul for all of our game sites. Currently, all of our games run on separate websites, all with their own designs and formats. Very soon, all the websites will be brought together into a unified website architecture, and will all share the same look and feel.


Soon, all our game websites will be hosted on the unified Arcgames.com network, and each game will have its own dedicated sub-pages with news, information, and community features.


We put a ton of effort into the new style, so we hope that you enjoy the new site designs as much as we enjoyed creating them.



News Can Be Viewed in the Client or Website


This is something that semi-exists in the current Arc client, but with the launch of Arcgames.com and Arc Client 2.0, reading news updates for your game of choice will be easier than ever, as you’ll be able to view one consistent stream of content, regarding off your device of choice (i.e. PC browser / mobile browser / Arc Client).



Minor Art Design Changes to Forums, Everything Else Stays the Same


For our forums, no data will be lost or archived. While we will be making some minor high-level art design changes to better fit within the new website designs, everything should remain exactly as it was before.


Changes to the Zen Purchase Flow


Currently, purchasing Zen for individual games is a two-step process. Based on player feedback, we’re making Zen purchases easier with the new website.


Right now, when you purchase Zen, it hangs out in your wallet, waiting for you to transfer it to a specific game. When the Arcgames.com version of the website infrastructure is released, the Zen purchase flow will instead require the game to be selected at the time of purchase.


Please note that this new process is for Zen purchased after December 3; there are no changes happening to any Zen that currently exists in your Wallet. Your Wallet will remain accessible after this launch, and it will still be possible to deposit Zen from your Wallet into your game of choice.



New Game Guides Feature


Each game will have it’s own “Game Guides” section, which will contain helpful links and information. This section will be easily accessible from each game’s dedicated page.



Early Version of Profiles


We’ll be releasing a minimal, early version of our profiles system. This version focuses only on core functionality, though in the near future we plan to release some big updates which should make this section of the experience much cooler.


Some Features will Temporarily Exist on the Legacy Network


We are creating a whole new website infrastucture, but there are some bits and pieces of functionality that we’ll need to preserve in their current state in order to ensure that our players still have access to them. For a full list of features that will temporarily exist in their current form until they are migrated to the new infrastructure, please see the following game-specific forum posts:


All Games – Charge Rewards
STO – Test Server, Account Guard, Key/Code Redemption
NW – Test Server, Account Guard, Key/Code Redemption
CO – Test Server, Account Guard, Key/Code Redemption


No Changes Are Being Made to the Launchers On This Date


We have long-term plans to unify our game launchers, though the timeline and specifics regarding this major change are pretty far out in the timeline. For the near future, please anticipate that the game launchers will continue to exist in their current form for a significant period of time. Once this plan becomes more concrete, we will definitely share the details and timeline. For now, please anticipate that the Arc client will continue to launch individual game launchers.



It Will Still Be Possible to Launch Games Without Arc


This upcoming release of Arc will be an opportunity for players to test out the new features and designs, so please check out the new client and let us know what you think! Players who wish to launch their games through the existing launchers, without Arc, are welcome to do so while we continue to iterate on the Arc Client. 


We’re really excited about these changes, and understand that major updates to the current user experience can be a bit daunting. If you have any feedback or questions you’d like to share with us, please feel free to post them on the game forums of your choice. We’ll be doing our best to answer everything that gets posted!




Noel “Dezstravus” Holmes and the Perfect World Team


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Arc: A New Way to Experience War of the Immortals

By Synchroze @ September 15, 2013 at 12:00am

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Arc is now available to all new/existing users of War of the Immortals and brings all of PWE's games together into a single platform. (more…)

Introducing Arc: A New Way to Experience Battle of the Immortals

By Synchroze @ August 30, 2013 at 11:07am

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Arc is now available to all new/existing users of Battle of the Immortals and brings all of PWE's games together into a single platform. (more…)

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