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Looking for GMs in all the wrong places?


Spring has sprung, and so have the GMs! Come find me, GM Effreet, in Teress Plains on Wednesday, April 3rd for fun and prizes.

The first player to find me on each server will win an adorable Rabbit Head Band! Get the in-look for spring and be sure to "hop" on for this Hide-and-Seek event. I will also be giving out Rose Beycium to anyone who finds me- this GM never stays still for too long, so find me if you can!


When to begin the search:

Diago: 3pm to 3:30 pm PST ( 6pm EST)

Chimera: 3:30 pm to 4 pm PST (6:30 pm EST)

Crawler: 6pm to 6:30 pm PST

Fleetfoot: 6:30 pm to 7pm PST


I look forward to seeing you all in game,  and may the quickest seeker win!

The Temple

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At the center of Cowen Marsh, both geographically and ideologically, the Temple of Renas has become a battleground. The Togatt and Akeron tribes battle for the honor to defend this ancient holy site, and only one can succeed. Choose which tribe you wish to aid, then venture inside the Temple proper to fight for your faction. Inside you will find Ebose guarding the temple, and they do not take kindly to intruders- especially intruders from the enemy tribe!


The marsh has encroached on the temple, but the ebose do not mind – Neither does Kuld, who has made his home in the Renas Statue Chamber.


Mmm… adventurers look TASTY!


Kuld may look friendly, but mind his tail- even the sturdiest of adventurers will be swept away by his powerful swipes. As if teeth, tusks and a tremendous tail weren't enough to contend with, Kuld will also lash out with his long, sticky tongue while spraying poisonous spittle at any too slow to avoid his attack. Keep on the move if you wish to make it back to your ebose friends alive.


The temple is a massive and filled with mystery – what other evils lurk inside it's cavernous, dilapidated ruins? Find out in the upcoming expansion RaiderZ: Broken Silence.

Cyndea: Queen of the Cave

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Name: Cyndea

Location: Cave of Nightmares


In the darkest corner of Cowen Marsh, deep within the Cave of Nightmares, the Creeper Queen Cyndea waits for intrepid adventurers to intrude upon her lair. Her creeper minions, dispatched through their telepathic hive-mind, bar your path to the Queen – defeat them, and let the fight begin.  

The most notable features about Cyndea are the massive scythes attached to her arms. Do not be fooled by their size, however: she wields these massive blades to deft – and fatal – ends.




Unlike her similarly scythed minions, Cyndea has more than just a basic hack-and-slash attack. This queen can move. With a spinning leap, she lands behind her opponent slashing at their unprotected backs as she gives a ferocious roar. This ability gives her mobility that her minions lack, and puts the pressure on opponents who wish to hold their ground. Duck, dodge, and roll out of the way of her blades, slip in a quick attack, and then dodge again before you find yourself short a few limbs.




It’s not just her blades that you need to worry about, however. Striking the ground hard and fast with her razor-edged blades, Cyndea ignites the earth to char any opponent not chary enough to avoid her rage. Flames burst from the area where she strikes, dealing damage to anyone nearby. Not even the casters are safe! Against Cyndea, standing still spells death. 


She’s behind me, isn’t she?



Cyndea is not the only monster lurking in the Cowen Marsh. Keep an eye out for further updates about the upcoming RaiderZ expansion Broken Silence.

Explore Cowen Marsh!

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The Grand Wall of Silence has fallen. Monsters flow in through the ruins, bringing with them contamination from the other side. At the vanguard, soldiers are falling prey to a foreign disease causing aggression and madness. The land beyond the wall is unlike anything the denizens of the Kingdom of Rendel have ever seen. Only the strongest adventurers will be able to withstand the onslaught awaiting them at the wall, as well as the danger that lies beyond the destruction.



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