RaiderZ Patch Notes – 06/26/2013

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RaiderZ Patch Notes – 06/26/2013

Cash Shop

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed invisible weapon glitch
  • Fixed collision glitches that allowed players to pass through walls in Catacomb of the Damned, Brune's Glory, Battle Arena, Grand Wall of Silence, and other locations
  • Logging out and back in an instance will now put you just outside the entrance of the instance instead of the entrance to the world map
  • Dyes now appear correctly on the following Costume items
    • Termis Leather  Ornament
    • Durable Tranta's Chain Helm
    • Durable Tranta's Chain Shoes
    • Swift Tranta's Chain Helm
    • Swift Tranta's Chain Shoes
    • Transcendent Tranta's Chain Helm
    • Transcendent Tranta's Chain Shoes
  • Incorrect recipe will no longer drop from Jonny Brown's Sealed Chest
  • Debuffs from Julijuli and Chimera now have proper text
  • Login Server error no longer appears as a "Maintenance" error at login
  • Level 29 Rare armor sets now specify the amount Movement Speed is increased
  • Level 36 Rare Weapons renamed
  • Premium Teleporter in Rietz has the correct level requirement for the Grand Wall of Silence
  • Changed field name for the Cave Rescue Mission instance in the Cave of Nightmares

New Features

  • New UI when opening chance packs allows you to see possible outcomes

RaiderZ Patch Notes – 06/05/13

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RaiderZ version 38531 Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • False stacking of bonuses from Obsidians when unequipping/equipping costumes.
  • Korean text removed from the Makot Liberation War quest.
  • Fixed wall collision issue near Butcher's Apprentice Jay in Rietz.
  • Antique Leather Armor set graphics fixed for female characters.
  • Mad Red Eye Tribe Gift Box and Frostywind Yeti Tribe Gift Box no longer drop daggers.
    • Replaced existing daggers from those boxes with a faction-appropriate Gift Box.
    • Changed text on button in merchant UI when selling Scrap items.
  • Cleric "Uplift" description corrected.
  • Lost Hellhound Wooden Box – You will no longer receive an error message that sometimes appeared when opening a box.
  • Various localization edits.

Cash Shop UpdateMore details are here

  • Added Artisan's Breath Lucky Box x 1/5/(10 + 1)
    • Artisan's Breath,
    • Intermediate Artisan's Breath,
    • Superior Artisan's Breath,
    • Crystals, OR
    • Pink Beycium
  • Reordered items

RaiderZ Patch Notes – 05/15/13

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RaiderZ Patch Notes – 05/15/13


Cash Shop


·         New design for easier navigation and finding the newest and hottest items!

·         Costumes now have a new preview feature – see how amazing you’ll look in your new costume!

·         Removed


o   Elite Pack

o   Basic Pack

o   White Arrod Lucky Boxes


·         End sale pricing on both Book of Oblivion and Advanced Book of Oblivion.

·         New items added into the Cash Shop


o   Fortune Elixir x (10 + 1)

o   EXP Potion

o   EXP Potion x 5

o   EXP Potion x (10 + 1)

o   Jewel Remover

o   Jewel Remover x 5

o   Jewel Remover x (10 + 1)

o   Powerful Obsidian

o   Defensive Obsidian

o   Powerful Obsidian x 5

o   Defensive Obsidian x 5

o   Powerful Obsidian x (10 + 1)

o   Defensive Obsidian x (10 + 1)

o   Demonic Inventory Lucky Box*

o   Demonic Inventory Lucky Box x 5*

o   Demonic Inventory Lucky Box x (10 + 1)*

o   Classy Red Arrod Lucky Box

o   Classy Red Arrod Lucky Box x 5

o   Classy Red Arrod Lucky Box x (10 + 1)

*Note: Demonic Costume pieces cannot be sold, traded, or deleted once the Demonic Costume Box is opened.


·         Crystal Shop added – A new secondary currency that rewards you with Crystals from opening a Lucky Box!


o   Purchase items with Crystals from lucky boxes in the Crystal tab of the Cash Shop.


·         Crystal Shop items – Trade in your Crystals from Lucky Boxes for valuable items, some only available in the new Crystal Shop!


o   Swimsuit Box

o   Trade Market Agent

o   Repair Kit

o   Obsidian of Strength

o   Obsidian of Strength +1

o   Obsidian of Strength +2

o   Obsidian of Agility

o   Obsidian of Agility +1

o   Obsidian of Agility +2

o   Obsidian of Intelligence

o   Obsidian of Intelligence +1

o   Obsidian of Intelligence +2

o   Obsidian of Stamina

o   Obsidian of Stamina +1

o   Obsidian of Stamina +2

o   Obsidian of Energy

o   Obsidian of Energy +1

o   Obsidian of Energy +2

o   Obsidian of Life

o   Obsidian of Life +1

o   Obsidian of Life +2




·         All costumes now have Jewel sockets


o   Both new and previously obtained

o   Only Obsidian jewels can be used on costumes


Ingen & Rietz


·         Remove egg and balloon decorations




·         Fixed an issue that allowed non-partied players to enter the same instance. It will leave the non-partied player the entrance of the zone.

·         Loading screen crashes should be resolved with this update.


Character Menu


·         Updated descriptions for Basic Stats.

·         Shortened names for Combat Stats.




·         Fixed program name on User Account Control window when running the launcher.

·         Resolved GameGuard Launcher Rev 262 error.




·         Various Korean text translated.

·         Miscellaneous localization edits.


RaiderZ – 04/17/13 Patch Notes

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RaiderZ: Mt. Eda Faction event redesign:

·         Only affects the rewards given for the faction event (Kill/Protect the faction's priest)

·         The reward for winning will now be 5 Soul Stones of the Defeated

·         All previous event rewards in the character's Inventory and Inn Room Storage will be replaced

o   Previous Reward Items

§  Mad Eye Hero's Token

§  White Yeti Hero's Token

§  Symbol of Mercenary

·         The above items will be replaced with an equal number of Soul Stones of the Defeated

o   The replacement items will be sent through the mail

o   Players will get one piece of mail for each stack of the removed items

·         No NPCs will require the replaced items for any crafting

·         There will be no change for the Epic Mt. Eda faction event rewards


Discuss the changes on the RaiderZ forums here.

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