RaiderZ Open Beta Test Details!

By Pinpointerror @ September 20, 2012 at 9:51am

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We will not tease you any longer; you have waited long enough from the end of Closed Beta until now for details. We are proud to announce when you can begin your adventurers in Rendel in our upcoming RaiderZ Open Beta Test! The monsters have invaded in full force and we need your help to keep Rendel safe! The beasts are tougher, the epic Boss Monsters are bigger so hunt together or die alone. Register now for upcoming RaiderZ Open Beta.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: When does the Open Beta start?

A: October 24, 2012.


Q: Is RaiderZ free to play?

A: Yes! The game is free to register and will always be free to play.


Q: Will there be an item/cash shop?

A: Yes, RaiderZ will have one upon OBT launch. Take advantage of special 50% deals now with our early Founder's Pack sale!


Q: Do I need a Beta key for the Open Beta?

A: No. Register here and you will be notified when the client is available for download.


Q: If I played in Closed Beta, am I automatically in?

A: Yes, just log in with your Closed Beta login information and start exploring!


Q: Where can I download the client?

A: When it is available, you can download the RaiderZ client here.


Q: What's new in the upcoming Open Beta?

A: Here are some changes and additions for our upcoming OBT:

  • Level cap raised to 35.
  • Item mall released with exclusive items to help you on your quests.
  • New zones to explore and new epic Boss Monsters to take down. Check back for the latest previews!
  • Weaponized Feast System and Musical Instrument System.
  • New Monster Transformation System, to be detailed in an upcoming blog post.

Q: Will there be a wipe during OBT?

A: We do not plan on wiping any characters or progress during OBT.


Q: If I am from Egypt, can I play in the OBT?

A: Unfortunately, new RaiderZ fans from Egypt cannot register for our OBT at this time. Players who have registered previously, before July 18, 2012, may still play our games. More details are located here.


Q: What are the system requirements for RaiderZ?
A: Head to our download page for a list of the system requirements.


Discuss your plans and excitement for the Beta here on our forums. And, check back here for any up-to-date official information regarding the upcoming RaiderZ Open Beta Test.


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